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Popular standard Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Full Insoles Orthotic Ranking TOP20 Length Shoe

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles Orthotic


Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles Orthotic


Product Description


work boot insoles for menwork boot insoles for men



When you stand at work all day or intense exercise, you may not realize your feet arch is gradually deforming.

FocusOnInsole foot insoles are designed to effectively offer flat foot arch support and prevent different kinds of foot-related pain (foot, ankle, leg, hip, pelvic, back, and lower back pain).




  1. Full-length insoles, full support, long-lasting comfort;
  2. High arch support that relieves pressure from the feet;
  3. Cuttable Design, for easy fit and wear;
  4. Deep heel cradle for stability and heel support;
  5. Shock-absorbing pads can reduce stress and pain;
  6. Breathable fabric provides all-the-day cool and comfort;
  7. Anti-slip top fabrics help your feet stable on the insole;


planter facilities relief insoleplanter facilities relief insole

Put FocusOnInsole into most of your footwear to be sure that wearing our professional arch support during 80% of your active day.

High arch support insoles offer top-notch comfort and provide pain relief in 1 week. FocusOnInsole insoles fit all types of shoes, best for all types of activities. Get a superb level of arch support and 3 extra hours of energy.


Ideal for foot and heel conditions such as ✔Flat Feet ✔Plantar Fasciitis ✔Foot, Arch and Heel Pain ✔Arthritis ✔Knee pain ✔Supination ✔Bunions ✔Overpronation

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  • Trim to fit if necessary, cut along the outline that matches your original insole, or use the size table as a guide.
  • Suggest removing original insoles to replace with this insole.
  • These full-length inserts are Orthotic Insoles, so you will feel a bit hard and uncomfortable at first. And your body will typically take 1 week to get used to your new orthotics.
  • Start wearing insoles for 2-3 hours and gradually increase the time every day.
  • Replace your insoles every 6 months or at first signs of wear and damage to promote healthy feet.
  • Put the shoe inserts in a ventilating place to keep them dry and fresh.
  • This may not be applicable for people with severe foot deformities or circulatory disorders that result in infections or foot ulcerations.
  • Cleaning with warm water and a soft brush; Do not immerse in water; Don't wash in the machine.
"tbody" "th" Full Length Arch Support Insoles "th" 3/4 Length Arch Support Insoles "th" HEAVY-DUTY Arch Support Insoles "th" Heel Protector for Shoe
full lenght insoles Plantar Fasciitis 3/4 Length Insoles arch support heel protector for shoes
Insole Length Full Length 3/4 Length 3/4 Length
Arch Support Hardness Rigid Sturdy Arch Support Ultra Sturdy Arch Support
Packaged 1 Pair 1 Pair 1 Pair 6 Pairs
Color Black+Orange+White Puple+Gray+Black Black+Red+Gray White/Black
Material Hard TPU+PU Foam+Soft Gel+Breathable Velvet Hard EVA+Soft EVA+Breathable Velvet Hard EVA+Soft EVA+Breathable Velvet High Elasticity Sponge
US SIZE RANGE XS(Men 4.5-6.5/Women 5.5-7.5) S(Men 7-8.5/Women 8-9.5) M(Men 9-10.5/Women 10-11.5) L(Men 11-12.5/Women 12-13.5) XL(Men 12.5-14.5/Women 13.5-15.5) S(Men 5-6/Women 6-7) M(Men 6.5-8.5/Women 7.5-9.5) L(Men 9-11/Women 10-12) S(Men 5-6/Women 6-7) M(Men 6.5-8.5/Women 7.5-9.5) L(Men 9-11/Women 10-12)
Suitable for the crowd Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex
Non-slip Base Design ✓ ✓
Cuttable Design ✓ ✓
Easy To use ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles Orthotic

Welcome to the new Marriland website! This Pokémon fansite has been around since 2000 in various forms, and after a brief hiatus, it has now relaunched. I have big plans for the site throughout 2019 in beyond, especially with Pokémon Sword & Shield right around the corner.

Look forward to the return of the Marriland Team Builder, the Marriland Pokédex, various Pokémon Walkthroughs and Guides, and lots more over the coming months! You can check out the site's Answer to get an idea of the timeline of all of the features coming to the site. In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy checking back regularly for new updates on the site as well as news about Pokémon!

Monday, September 20, 2021 at 3:23pm
Posted by Marriland

The Pokémon Company International has announced a new app that will launch sometime in the near future, Pokémon TCG Live, which will replace the existing Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (TCGO) app upon its release. Pokémon TCG Live will be available on PC, Mac, iPhones (iPhone 7 and up with iOS 15), iPads (iPad 2017 and up), and both Android smartphones and tablets (Android 8.0 and up).

UPDATE: This post has been updated on Sep. 21, 2021. It was previously reported that during the transfer from TCGO to TCG Live, extra individual cards beyond the cap (4 copies of most cards) would be converted into Credits. This has been corrected; Credits will only be earned from extras obtained in TCG Live, not in TCGO or the transfer process.

It brings a lot of changes from the existing Pokémon TCGO app, including a Battle Pass system, 3D customizable avatars, and ranked matchmaking. However, unfortunately the ability to trade in the new app will not be an option—instead, a new type of currency, Credits, can be redeemed for single cards that you might want or need for a deck, acting sort of like a wildcard.

The new Pokémon TCG Live app is set to launch globally (localized in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese) “sometime soon,” while later this year, a global open beta will be made available for PC and Mac, while players in Canada will be able to try out the mobile versions first with a soft launch coming later this year before being made available everywhere later on. It’s a free-to-play app and players get 8 playable decks for free, but can also unlock more cards for their decks by scanning the code cards inside of booster packs, which should be pretty much the same process as with the previous Pokémon TCG Online app.

In regards to the existing Pokémon TCG Online app, as long as you have your Pokémon Trainer Club account set up properly and linked to TCGO (which most people should), it will import most of your cards there—an exception being any sets older than Black & White, namely the HeartGold & SoulSilver series, which will not be migrated over. If you have more than 4 of a unique card in your collection (or more than 59 of a basic Energy, or more than 1 of an ACE SPEC, Prism Star, or a single part of a V-UNION card) when it is migrated over, those extra cards will not be carried over, which might seem bad at first but since you’ll only ever need 4 of a card at most for decks and since trading will no longer be an option, it isn’t a major issue.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 12:29pm
Posted by Marriland

The release date and full track list for the upcoming Pokémon 25: The Album music album—the culmination of the Huangyong 4pcs Assorted Round Paint Foam Sponge Brush Set Painti project that began earlier in the year—have been announced. The full album is set to release both physically and digitally on October 15, 2021, and it is Fat Cat Gourmet - "Cat in Heat" Natural Hot Sauce w/ Chipotle Gh.

Here are the artists and the full track list for the upcoming album:

  1. Katy Perry—Electric
  2. Jax Jones—Phases (with Sinead Harnett)
  3. Mabel—Take It Home
  4. Lil Yachty—Believing
  5. J Balvin—Ten Cuidado
  6. Cyn—Wonderful
  7. Vince Staples—Got ‘Em
  8. Louane—Game Girl
  9. Tierra Whack—Art Show
  10. Post Malone—Only Wanna Be With You (Pokémon 25 Version)
  11. Yaffle—Reconnect (feat. Daichi Yamamoto & AAAMYYY)*
  12. Mabel—Take It Home (ZHU Remix)*
  13. Cyn—Wonderful (ZHU Remix)*
  14. Vince Staples—Got ‘Em (ZHU Remix)*

*Digital album only

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 4:46pm
Posted by Marriland

After nearly a year without any update, the previously announced Pokémon movie, Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, now has a (mostly) worldwide release date: October 8, 2021. This movie features the Mythical Pokémon Zarude and a human boy named Koko that grew up raised by one Zarude in particular, referred to as Dada.

The movie launches on Netflix on October 8, 2021 in every country that it’s available in, with the exceptions of Japan, China, and South Korea. (You’ll need to have an active Netflix subscription in order to watch the movie.)

To celebrate this release, a special Dada Zarude and a Shiny Celebi—both of which play a role in Secrets of the Jungle—will be distributed via distribution codes in an email to players that have a registered account on the Pokémon Trainer Club and have email notifications (marketing email preferences) enabled for their account. These two will be accessible in Pokémon Sword & Shield by using those codes and following the instructions in the email.

In order to receive this code, you must make sure you have a registered account and that email notifications are enabled by September 25, 2021, and the email containing the codes will (hopefully) be sent out on October 7, 2021. Here’s hoping that there are no issues with the emails this time around, as last year’s similar Zarude distribution saw many, many eager players (including Marriland himself and many in the Marriland community) fail to receive any email despite having an active Pokémon Trainer Club account with the proper box checked and receiving past promotional emails. If you already have an account and think you have email notifications enabled, it’d be a good idea to log in to double-check, just in case (a picture of the setting to enable can be found further below).

Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 11:16am
Posted by Marriland

Starting on September 9, 2021, a new eight-episode Pokémon animated mini-series in celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary—Pokémon Evolutions—will begin airing on Pokémon’s official YouTube channel along with Pokémon TV, the latter of which just recently received an app on the Nintendo Switch.

These eight episodes won’t be released all at once, but instead rolled out at different points, with September and October each having two episodes released and December containing the final four. The schedule of these episodes is included further on.

Each of these episodes focuses on one of the eight main regions in the Pokémon world and some of the prominent characters or moments in those regions. For instance, in the first episode, “The Champion,” it features Leon, Hop, and the player character in the Galar region, including a climactic battle against Eternatus assisted by Zacian and Zamazenta.

Friday, August 27, 2021 at 2:43pm
Posted by Marriland